Twitter Beef. Who Got Next? Diamond vs. Gyantunplugged

Umm, so yeah, I’m not heavy into the Atlanta gossip scene HOWEVER, I did notice a slightly entertaining twitter beef between Atlanta Hip-Hop chica, Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob and entertainment and lifestyle blogger, GyantUnplugged’s Lloyd Dinwiddie.

Apparently, Gyant posted this picture of Diamond implying that she appeared to be pregnant.

In Gyant’s defense, I can sorta, kinda, very so slightly see what perhaps he was seeing, but it clearly was her pose that gave a tiny bump impression. I bet $ that when some ppl saw that  photo, they may have had the same question.

In Diamond’s defense, I’m a woman and the LAST thing I want to be mistaken for is pregnant, when I’m not. When in doubt, say nothing, unless you’re a blogger and that’s what we do 😉 Ask questions. Get answers.

Fast forward—>Diamond see’s Gyant implying that she’s pregnant and sorta lights his @$$ up. Yikes. She tweets, “@GYANTUNPLUGGED u remember when u and ur BOYFRIEND wus sittin next to me at r.kelleys concert here in atl? But u were tryna play it off? LOL…@GYANTUNPLUGGED and all of us have secrets like u being on da downlow..But nobodys against that..#doyathang wut ever floats ya boat boo.. ;)”

Gyant responds with, “@DiamondAtl ur last statement proves you know NOTHING about me. The last thing I am is Downlow anything…@DiamondAtl and if thats ur sad attempt at trying to come for me yuo got to work A LOT harder ..Gyant dont have secrets my life is 100$ open..”

Wendy Williams and GyantUnplugged

It gets even better with Ozone Magazine’s Julia Beverly chiming in on Gyant, “he’ll blog lies about people he doesn’t even know all day long & then be all on their dick (so to speak) in person…”

Julia Beverly

I obviously didn’t post all of their tweets, but you can follow e’rybody involved– @GYANTUNPLUGGED, @DiamondAtl, and @JuliaBeverly.

Night. Night.


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