Fabolous On His Twitter Persona + Emily’s Passive Aggressively Pissed @ Twitter Beef

If you follow Fab on twitter, you know he has one of thee most entertaining twitter trending topics and responses. Hear what he had to say about his twitter persona:

“I am kinda like, if I don’t really know people I am a little passive and a little quiet and you know most of my friends they know a different side of me, so I guess that’s what kinda Twitter gets to see a little bit, things that I would say around my friends and joke around with,” Fab told BET.com. “I probably wouldn’t do to just the average person that I don’t know. Twitter, I always say is the drunk uncle of my personality, because I say some stuff sometimes that, you know that drunk uncle at the Thanksgiving table, he starts rambling on about, that he shouldn’t have said so sometimes I do that.”

“But sometimes I’m passive on Twitter too. I have days where I don’t go on sometimes, sometimes I need a break, sometimes I just give my random thoughts on things, sometimes it’s just motivational tweets. It’s just different points of where my personality goes and is, you know, it’s not just about cracking on somebody. I think I’m more famous for that, but that’s not what I’m all about.” Full interview here.

In other news, Fab and Soulja Boy are twitter beefin. Fab’s GF/Stylist/Baby Moms Emily (we love Em), was trying her best to practice restraint, but we KNOW she was pissed.

Em tweeted, “Elephants dont swat flies.”


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