Alleged Domestic Dispute, Floyd Mayweather & BM


Scroll down for the most recent update…50 Cent is on twitter telling all of Floyd Mayweather’s business. Some type of domestic dispute took place between Floyd Mayweather and his child’s mother, Josie Harris, in Las Vegas.   

Here’s the story according to 50:   

“She’s claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised….I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset.He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin…He bought nice clothes for his kids they were all over the place.His baby moma said shes not gonna force them to wear clothes they dont want…I told him that’s crazy. I know how he felt. I met her before so I told him she would calm down. Can’t believe she called the cops…She has a girlfriend that stays in the guesthouse that floyd is paying for her as child support that is helping fuel the situation…Floyd said he feels like her girlfriend is using her and pushing her in the wrong direction…This is crazy to me. I performed in club pure on NYE in vegas I remember floyd showing me a ring he bought her for $1M. Who can u trust…This shit really scares me man. she’s a smart girl I talk to her a few times. I hope she just stops my stomach hurting behind this shit…”   

Here’s a photo of Floyd’s baby mamma…   

Josie Harris


About the alleged incident between Floyd and his baby mamma, 50 tweeted: “Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him. I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset. He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin.”   

Here’s an update: Floyd’s been released on bail for the amount of $3k. The charges? His attorney, Wright, told the Associated Press, “He did not commit any grand larceny. Josie can’t find her iPhone. We’re attempting to find it or replace it. We’ll cooperate in the investigation. We expect to get the matter resolved.”   

Harris made a police complaint and sought a Family Court protection order Thursday alleging Mayweather pulled her hair, punched her in the head and twisted her arm while she screamed for their children, ranging in age from 7 to almost 11, to call 911.   


After Floyd’s release, 50 Tweeted, “I told yal he aint hit her. now who the fuck would send their kids father to jail over an iphone and she spent 150,000 dollars since may 1.”    

Update 9/13/10–While 50Cent has one side of the story, TMZ has another. According to TMZ, Floyd was jealous over Josie’s relationship with a  C.J. Watson,  a Chicago basketball player. Floyd found out about dude by going in Josie’s phone.  According to the report, “Harris stated that Mayweather began yelling at Harris, ‘I’m going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with.’  He also stated, ‘I’m going to have you both disappear.'” Full story here. Here’s the report.  

Updated: 9.14.10. Multiple sources close to C.J. — including his father Charles Watson — tell TMZ that the NBA player is only in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Danielle — with whom he has a child. C.J.’s dad says, “I know for sure that Josie is not his girlfriend …  she did some event planning for C.J., but other than that, they have no relationship whatsoever. C.J. would never do anything like that to Mayweather [Jr.] … he doesn’t need that.”

(…so, that’s the reason why he stole her phone!!!….)   


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