Kanye’s Potential New Boo Responds…

Pure ear hustlin’, but we are told that Kanye West and Genevieve Jones were sorta-kinda coupled up during Fashion Week (Thursday night to be specific) at NYC’s Top of the Standard lounge.

Who in the hell is Genevieve? A well-known designer and socialite, although we use the term loosely–not in terms of her, but the word in general.

Here’s a pic of her…

Although it was probably innocent flirting, there was certainly some flirting going on. Confirmed lap dances, hugs, kisses–all dat.

Plus Genevieve hopped on twitter to tweet, “MRS KANYE WEST ♡♡♡ @kanyewest … cap locks just for kanye xoxo”<==cute.

Update–after running this story, Genevieve responded, “@thejasminebrand don’t believe every tweet u read. It’s just a fucking joke. But I wish xo”

She deleted her response, I have the scream grab, but it ain’t that serious.


2 Responses

  1. Rawlly? That Geneieve Jones intrigues me. Can’t figure that one out but a few years back somebody at the Wall Street Journal hated on her super-hard with a full(?) page article dedicated exclusively to tearing Ms. Diva apart. (wish I could insert link here). Anywho, she has a steal-worthy beauty regimen involving Epsom salts baths, master cleanse ingredients smeared on your lips, and $200 eye cream. (again, (wish I could insert link here)). She designs cute jewelry too . . . . Fascinating chick that one.

  2. […] which they are entitled to, but there’s nothing jumping over there. EXCEPT the fact that Genevieve would like them to be a couple. BTW, some folks really don’t like Genevieve…lots of […]

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