MTV VMA’s 9 HIGHTlights & LOWlights

Ok so let me first start off by saying the 2010 VMAs were not all it was cracked up to be. The hype is something I can’t believe after watching this madness! Anyway, if you were watching the True Blood and Entourage finale or Sunday Night Football, I have a small re-cap for you. These are the 9 things I loved and hated about the VMAs…   

1. Lady Gaga– Clearly this was her night! Whether she was nominated for her Bad Romance or Telephone, she was the ONLY person to walk on that stage all night. In true fashion, she arrived on the red carpet with ready to drop jaws around the world. She chose a dress from Alexander McQueen’s last collection. I’m not sure what the hell was on her head, but nonetheless, she was fabulous doing so!  


2. Rhianna’s dreadful hair- Now, I’m not the biggest Rhianna fan for many reasons. Usually, she kills red carpets and gives so much life with her style. Tonight? Not so much! I’m not sure who her stylist is, but I would like for them to know the “Like A Virgin” look was not a good one. Whoever her hair stylist was, FIRE THEM ASAP. Please go back to the short pixi cut. The Bozo the Clown hair is not the look AT ALL!  


3. Best New Artist: Justin Beiber– Now I will say this, I am really glad that this generation coming up has an artist that speaks to them. His performance was definitely cute and I see why the little girls love him. Not only can he sing, but he can dance his ass off! He had great stage presence, not to mention ALL his back-up dancers were cuties! Trey Songz needs to take some notes!   


4. Drake and his right hand– I love me some Drake. His lyrics speak to me and he “swag” (I’m not using this word in 2011) is always on 1,000! His opening gave me a Fred Astaire vibe which I totally digged. Only problem I have with him is his stage presence! Om effin G! Like just sit still for crying out loud. He gets to waiving his right hand like he’s swatting flies or he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (I’ll take a trip to hell for that one). He always looks down when he performs, which gives me the impression he’s not comfortable on stage. Mary J. Blige performing made it even sweeter! Guess TI couldn’t make it for obvious reasons (insert link to previous post)   

Compliments of Necole Bitchie


5. Taylor Swift and her pity party– I’m not going to waste too much of this post on her. The reference in the beginning of the song was pointless. It only justified that she is still not over the whole mic snatching incident after he has apologized and taken responsibility for his actions. I just wished for a second that Beyonce would sashay her ass on stage, take the mic and say “Child please, stop crying and get over it”. She can now go back to the country and pop world where she belongs.   

6. Chelsea Handler’s antics– I LOVE CHELSEA HANDLER! I watch her show Chelsea Lately on the regular. If you don’t watch her show, you clearly wouldn’t get her sarcasm or jokes. She is over the top and never ceases to amaze me with her satire. Her opening was a little dry and she made references of her being “high”. I honestly believe her, which made for great comedy!   


7. Nicki Minaj and Wil.I.Am- :sighs: Now it’s no secret that I am Nicki stan. I love everything about her from the bipolarness to her ASSets. But the whole Judy Jetson thing was a complete and total mess. Once again, her mic needed to be turned up and I’m convinced she can’t perform on a mainstream stage alone. Will.I.Am in black face just made me want to switch back to watching D.C Cupcakes. Overall, this performace was a doozy and I just hope next time Nicki keeps it straight hip-hop. Shout out to her bestie SB for his pop n lock routine! I see you homey!   


8. Cher- I just want to go on record to say I spazzed out when she came on stage! I LOVES Cher! I think it was so fitting that the producers decided to have her present the Video of the Year award to Lady GaGa. We all know clearly that was planned from jump. She came out in her signature sheer-studded leotard and leather jacket from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. She looked great and I am sure Lady GaGa was in complete awe of the moment. Reminded me when Whitney Houston presented Jennifer Hudson’s at the Grammy’s a few years back.   


9. Kanye West aka Our Favorite International AssholeYes, I raise my glass of Simply Orange and toast to all the assholes and douchebags this a.m.! Hands down, Kanye’s performance was the best and most anticipated of the evening! Looking oh so dapper in her red suit and plunging v-neck tank, he definitely let the world know he is back. This performance was definitely of good look for Pusha T as he killed his verse on the record.   




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