Nia Long, “Having an ego is good, it gives you confidence and swagger”

Mashonda, the ex-wife of Swizz Beatz, chats with Nia Long…Peep a few excerpts below:

You’re a single mother, what are the most important things a woman can teach her son? My son, my love. I try and teach Massai the importance of being accountable and responsible. He is becoming a young man and it’s very important to me that he owns up to his mistakes and takes responsibility for his choices. Having an ego is good, it gives you confidence and swagger but humility is what keeps the ego in check. I teach my son to have a humble heart. A giving heart. 

What was your favorite starring role? Which one of your characters did you relate to the most? Love Jones is my baby. Nothing like black love!

Stand for something or Fall for anything. What do you notice to be the most common thing women fall for in your industry?  Aspiring actors need to know that this business is hard and has many highs and lows. You have to have your head on straight and know that 75% of what you see and hear isn’t real. It’s the other 25% that makes this business magical. Oh yeah, have a back–up plan and finish school. Love the art not the fame. Bottom line…do the work, take the classes and stand tall. 

Peep the full interview here.


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