Dear Mashonda, Enough Already + Bmore’s Pastor Jamal Bryant Scandal in Sister 2 Sister Cover

I don’t want to be insensitive or mean. I know that Swizz Beatz did his ex-wife Mashonda a little bit dirty, but I’m a little sick of it.

Mashonda’s gracing the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine’s October 2010 issue. What’s a bit irritating about this issue is this “woe is me, victim” magazine cover. Is it me, or is this cover screaming I’M A VICTIM??!!

Perhaps Mashonda had nothing to do w/ the actual photo selection, but regardless, Swizz and Alicia Keys were wrong (..sorta, kinda…). We got that. We just want you to move on. Drop a single (I’m actually a fan), do some more interviews on Vibe (we like those too), but we’re over you discussing Swizz.

Contradictory perspectives are welcomed.

Also, Pastor Jamal Bryant, of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple, is featured in this issue–“The Pastor Who Cheated.” (…stans, please pray for me, as you defend him…)


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