Wale’s Alleged Drama in DC + Alleged A$$ Whoopin

Long weekend, lots of rumors and text messages about Wale & KD not showing up at Love last night. I, along w/ some other ear-hustlers were at Bar 7, Love, then Tuscana momentarily. 



Trey @ Love


Love was insane. Lot’s of ppl. Trey Songz brought e’rybody and their momma out. Think like Howard homecoming a few years ago, that sort of thing. While I heard nothing about Big Tigger having issues outside of the club, Wale was not allowed to enter the building because the club had reached capacity. 

(…Post it note, Tigger got fussy because it took them 25 minutes to park his car. Newflash to Tigger, welcome to the world of normal ppl that valet their car!!!) 

According to one of the bouncer’s, it honestly was too packed and while Marc Barnes, the club’s owner, didn’t allow Wale in for that reason, if he wanted to let Wale in, he could have. I don’t know what the hell that means. But that’s what dude said.(…basically, it was packed, he coulda let Wale in, but he chose not to…Barnes is an asshole so, whatever…) 

The Fight That Wasnt…..Wale later partied at Reserve. An intel groupie gf of mind, who shall remain nameless, said he and his crew partied at Reserve. Rumors are swirling that Wale got into a scuffle outside of Love, before arriving to Reserve; if he did it didn’t look like it and really who cares? Wale’s being mum about the situation, as he should be. Again, my folks said that he didn’t appear to have this a$$ whoopin that everyone’s referring to. 

I would post some more non-relevant stuff about this incident, but it really isn’t that entertaining. I’ll pass on posting the anonymous emails too–mostly bc I’ve received anonymous emails about ME lol. 

Sidebar, last time I posted something on Barnes’ i received a subliminal message about it. And i KNOW dude doesn’t come to my site like that 😉 

P.S. What’s wack is that I love gossip just like the next one, but Wale did some pretty dope community inspired work this weekend and ain’t nobody–including me–talking about it.


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