Wacka Flacka Responds to lack of lyricism

By now, most of us think he’s Flacka’s not too bright because of the interview from 106th & Park, but perhaps our expectations were too high? I don’t blame him. I blame his PR. Anywho, peep a few excerpts from his interview w/ XXL.

XXLMag.com: Not many people know that you’re a native New Yorker?

Waka Flacka Flame: I was born in New York, raised in Riverdale Plain County, [Georgia]… Jamaica, Queens, Farmers [Blvd.]. I [lived in Atlanta] but I always was coming back. Always!

People criticize you for your lack of lyricism, do you think about the criticism when you’re writing now?

Oh, yeah, I do. I’m not gon’ lie, that’s what made me make “Hard in the Paint.”

Why do you think that you don’t you get the credit you deserve?

I think I’m gettin’ the credit I deserve. I don’t think I paid enough dues to be the shit. ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna be the shit, I just wanna be in the position to help people, period, point blank, cut! But I’m payin’ my dues. Enough work I put in, I think I’m getting enough respect for.

I had a hard time reading/understanding what he was saying…but full interview here.


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