Rosa Acosta Tells Us How She Got Discovered

I, along with lots of women, and men, like staring at Rosa Acosta. But I was wondering, where in the hell did she come from? I mean overnight, everybody fell in love w/ her–myself included.

Visually, she’s all things dope. And apparently, she has a mean business sense too. She opened up w/ Global Grind and shared her background and spills the beans on how exactly she got started.

“I was finishing school, working and somebody contacted me and this is guy that owns a website called works a lot of girls that are flexible, like me, dancers, actors, stuff like that. He was paying really good and there would be no nudity, just wear something sexy and that’s it.

He never told me this is going to be on YouTube or I’m going to get this out. I was doing this for the money and he told me not everybody was going to see this, probably just the pervs that watched this site were going to see it.

It was good money and I was saving to open my own massage place. I did it for that reason and the next thing I knew everybody was calling me and saying I saw your video! And calling me and saying you were in this blog! You were on MediaTakeOut! I was like I don’t know what that is! And that is how this whole buzz started!”

Rosa’s on twitter too–> @rosaacosta


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