Today’s Kanye-ism…Goes to Ochocinco & His Pet Pigeon

Typically, Kanye’ism is reserved for Kanye West himself.

Kanye-ism is simply a sometimes ridiculous, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes arrogant tweet from the man himself. See example here.

The following tweet is more of an entertaining story, not from Yeezy, but from Chad. It involves animals and affection…

Told to us by Ocho via twitter, “Damit she’s pregnant!!! I knew I shouldn’t have kept these pigeons together in the same cage, I’m pissed off!! Man i am on my roof and the male pigeon just escaped leaving the female, wtf, just like a dude in real life and she’s pregnant, #notcool

Oh Ocho’s not done. He continues, “I’m really sad, lil pregnant pigeon is looking at me like ‘what now?’ with a lil tear going down her lil beak, how do you console a bird? People keep asking how i know she’s pregnant? Her lil pigeon nipples are swollen and sticking out, belly is huge to, 2 pregnant signs. Going to bed, put the pigeon in the kitchen with a full loaf of wonder bread and put cardboard so she can’t fly upstairs to my room, g-night…”

I am patiently waiting for him to twitpic this whole situation. Single pigeon mother and all.


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