About The Jasmine Brand

Designed by Tai 😉

I live, eat & breathe all things media. In “real life” I “do” marketing and brand development for the world. My guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip. I have an authentic, non-mean girl sorta way of reporting rumors. I’m a DC girl, by the way of Omaha & Bmore. I have diamonds in my mouth & a camera crew following me in my mind. My theme: Brand Yourself.

With Love,

The Jasmine Brand



You Sleep. I Blog.

Terms frequently used while blogging…

  • “No judgement”
  • “Sidebar”
  • “In my mind”
  • “In real life”
  • “Shut up whispering”
  • “Put a penny on that”
  • “I would rather rent a room in hell”

I’ll leave you to your context clues to comprehend.


5 Responses

  1. jasmine– do you have any personal clients that you help with PR? I have a girlfriend, our soror, who is a comedian. She was looking for a publicist. Should I send your name her way?

  2. Hey Jaz,

    I like what you have going on here. I an going to post your site everywhere that I can. Keep up the good good work, I’m proud of you….SMOOCHES!


  3. My first time checking in but I will be following you. Love it already

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