Baltimore Spotlight…The Flywire “Rodeo Drive”


The Jasmine Brand hit up Flywire’s Annual Rodeo Drive last night in Baltimore. The kid is still recovering. If its one thing Baltimore knows how to do, it’s party. And party fashionably. 

The Jasmine Brand

The Jasmine Brand


My girl and I arrived around 8 or so to the ‘new’ Hilton. We made it through security (when I tell you my bag was checked, I mean, it was ‘checked’…she removed a few essentials that I forgot where in there–geesh!!!), then up the escalator to the ballroom where the event took place. 

The Jasmine Brand's Travel Side-kick


It was beautiful. The staff (Hilton & Flywire) were pleasant and professional and stuff was just laid out in a cohesive way. The dancing camera man (yes, he dances while shooting), was directing shots, while two-stepping, drinks were flowing and folks were mingling–all in the lobby. 


I’m not sure at what point the dance floor became packed, but DJ Analyze kept everyone moving. 


(…I appreciated the hype-man screaming, All the girls with the little titties, put your hands up!…yep, just like that…thanks for not leaving me out, boo 😉 ) They had a number of bars inside and outside of the event, which I can appreciate. Overall, I had a beautiful time. 

Compliments of Marcy Evans Crump

Three things I loved about “Rodeo Drive” 

1. Style. Say what you want, but Bmore women have style. It may not be your particular style, but it’s not boring at all. It’s always cause for conversation and/or contemplation. I saw everything from cocktail dresses, rompers, to a rendition of a bathing suit (gold boy-shorts to be exact and her walk was mean). And you know what, I absolutely loved it! Everyone rocked whatever they wore with confidence. 

2. Food! I’m a fat girl within. One of the rooms had light appetizers. After a few drinks, things were a blur, but I do remember eating jerk wings that were to die for. 

3. Atmosphere. Folks were genuinely enjoying themselves and partying. Less stuffy, but not out-of-control ghetto. 

Meka & The Jasmine Brand


Kudos to Marcy Crump for bringing a quality event downtown! For more info, check out

Marcy Evans Crump


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