DC Spotlight Congressional Black Caucus…1st COCKTAILS WITH BELLE-DC

It’s DC. It’s Congressional Black Caucus Time. It’s time to Network, hence the post below 😉      

Demetria L. Lucas


 Yesterday, I had an opportunity to interview, Demetria L. Lucas, also known as A Belle in Brooklyn, as well as attend an amazing event hosted by her called, 1st COCKTAILS WITH BELLE-DC.      


The LADIES ONLY networking event took place at DC’s Recess Lounge. I had an amazing time. Lots of professional women mingling and networking w/ cocktails in hand. Great concept. Great turn-out.      

We caught up with Demetria and got her opinion on a few things…See what she had to say:      

The Jasmine Brand: Having a women’s only networking event during CBC is rare, but brilliant. What inspired you to put such an event on?      

Demetria: Cocktails with Belle- DC is my first cocktail event outside of New York, where I am based. This cocktail party is the sixth in my cocktail series. I’ve always received great feedback from New York attendees.  The women tell me they meet ladies who are encouraging and collaborative and a lot of business contacts made. I’ve talked about the events on my blog, A Belle in Brooklyn, and readers began asking me to do an event on in their cities. I knew it was time to take the events on the road. First stop? Home (I’m from PG), of course.      


For those that have never attended any of your other events, what can they expect?A night of networking with chic, motivated, and talented women. It’ll be a fabulous room with lots of beautiful faces and well-dressed women with a wide range of occupations and ages. Each woman present brings something fabulous to the table that will benefit another woman in the room. It’s impossible to leave a Cocktails with Belle event without a contact or two you can utilize to further yourself professionally whether its a mentor, a business partner or a job lead.      


I’ve followed your work thus far, if there was one piece of advice that you could give to the young, single woman living in DC, what would it be?       

Other than to buy my dating advice book, A Belle in Brooklyn: Advice for Living Your Single Life and Enjoying Mr. Right Now, which comes out next June? LOL. Don’t be afraid to go after the man you want, in a totally ladylike way of course. In my blog and book, (Atria, June 2011). I tell women how to go on a “cutie run”, ie how to meet great men. It’s as simple as smiling and saying hi to an attractive man, maybe paying him a compliment that lets him know you are open to him approaching or possibly asking to stay in contact. And you can do that anywhere– the mall, the street, the CVS, wherever. Men are everywhere and they welcome a smiling attractive woman at all times and in all places. Also, don’t think every guy you date has to be your husband. Some guys are just meant to have fun with and have good times.      

New York men versus DC area Men. Who’s the better option and why?      

Men are men. The sense of style may differ, maybe the accent too. Oh, and the passion for football (DC is way more into the game), but there’s no better option. I like attractive men who treat me well no matter where they’re from. I’ve had men in New York and DC do that.      

In one word, describe what we can expect from your upcoming book.      

The hilarious romantic misadventures of a “southern” woman who moved too far above the Mason Dixon, learned some great lessons about men and dating and lived to give advice about it.      


4 Responses

  1. […] DC Spotlight Congressional Black Caucus…1st COCKTAILS WITH BELLE-DC […]

  2. Great interview!

  3. You nailed it kit! SCORE for the JB 🙂

    I have to say that I’m salty that your photographer got no photo credit AND somehow your silly photographer missed the belvey open bar memo. Peep me behind the lens sipping on white. FAIL for the TA 😦

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