Lil Duval + Broad Daylight + DC = Comedy

As you know, Lil Duval and a bunch of other folks were in town for KD/Wale’s Bday Weekend here in DC. It also happened to be Congressional Black Caucus Weekend, but none of that’s important (do a search on my site for that ish…). What’s important is this video that you’re about to witness….


Lenny Kravitz Rockin’ Knee High Boots

Hold the phone. Lenny Kravitz is spotted rocking knee-high black leather boots. Get some. I’m kinda uncomfortable.

Kim Zolciak Talks Titty “I Love My New Boobs!”

 Titty is such a vulgar word, I thought that I’d try it out on a Friday.

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-mate, Kim Zolciak, discusses her horrible boob job with InTouch magazine.

Peep what she has to say after the skip.

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Chris Paul Pops the Question!

Chris Paul proposed to his girlfriend/baby-mama, Jada!

Teyana Taylor, a close friend to the couple, sent a congratulatory tweet to them:

“Congrats to my homie Chris Paul he just proposed to his lovely baby mother Jada !!! 🙂 congrats bro & jada! So happy for y’all!!”


Spotted. Stalked. Scene. Amber Rose Pouting, Sean Garrett

Amber Rose pouting or blowing air kisses. Either work.

Sean Garrett with a pretty girl on his lap. My guess is that it’s a hotel room because there’s a painting of a dog behind him. (…I’m ALWAYS in the background…)

Rah Digga’s Album Baby Dopeness

I think that this– Rah Digga’s album cover–is such a dope cover. It’s ever sicker to me now because Rah Digga shared that this was an unaltered childhood photo of her.

Marcus Garey Adorable.

Is Spandex Hurting or Helping Pastor Eddie Long?

Are these recently released photos of Pastor Eddie Long in spandex helping or hurting his case? (Back story here.)

I think folks sometimes (not all of the time) equate gay with spandex. But really, he’s kinda old school with it and probably is a crazy work-out fanatic. I can’t call it. Hell, maybe he was taking this photo for his wife.

Peep the Kango.

More spandex after the skip.

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