Tiphani on Ochocinco…”Chad Picks Evelyn from Basketball Wives” + Evelyn Leaded Relationship

We knew it. Here’s the interview that Tiphani did about Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch. During the interview, she talks about if her feelings for Chad were real, how he REALLY likes or liked Rubi…she then continues to confirm that who Chad REALLY picks is Evelyn from VH1’s Basketball Wives.


Check the 3:01 mark.

Tiphani also goes on to say that she thinks that Evelyn is the one that leaked her relationship with Chad to Media Take Out. Also, apparently, during Chad’s show, Evelyn was speaking negatively about Chad’s cast via twitter. In addition to that drama, VH1 was pissed about Chad publicly making purchases for women and tweeting them to the world.

(…What a messy man…)


2 Responses

  1. […] week, we shared our prediction of who Chad REALLY chooses. Nonetheless, we decided to stay committed and see this show through to the very, bitter end. […]

  2. […] Chad’s reality show, that he’s been dating Evelyn of Basketball Wives. Back story here. This has been confirmed by subliminal tweets between both Chad and Evelyn, Tiphani spilling the […]

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